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Hpe 1 Year Renewal Foundation Care 4-Hour Exchange Aruba 2930F 995939
# 2A7516204

Hpe 1 Year Renewal Foundation Care 4-Hour Exchange Aruba 2930F 995939

453 USD

HP Foundation Care Exchange Service combines popular remote hardware and software services that enable you to increase the availability of your IT infrastructure

HP technical resources work with your IT team to help you to resolve hardware and software problems on your HP networking products

Replacement products or parts are new or equivalent to new in performance

Customers can access updates to software and reference manuals a

Hardware exchange offers a reliable and fast parts exchange service for eligible HP networking products

Specifically targeted at products that can easily be shipped and on which you can easily restore data from backup files, HP Foundation Care Exchange Service is a cost-efficient and convenient alternative to onsite support

Software support provides remote technical support and access to software updates and patches

Hardware exchange provides a replacement product or part delivered free of freight charges to your location within a specified period of time

80 100