Jussie Smollett blasted by Chicago police for exploiting city's racial divide for personal gain
The head of the Chicago Police Department accused actor Jussie Smollett on Thursday of staging an attack on himself last month because he was unhappy with his salary on the show "Empire." Superintende...

In some north suburban towns, 911 callers can provide operators with personal profiles
With the help of a new service, emergency responders can now instantly know your medical conditions, emergency contacts or even the number of pets in your home. “I picture it being used by everyone,” ...

SLED: Former Oconee Co. employee used public funds for her personal use, now charged with embezzlement
SENECA, SC (FOX Carolina) - Agents with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division announced Thursday that a former Oconee County employee was arrested after an investigation into embezzlement. SLED ...

More People Are Taking Out Personal Loans as the Fintech Industry Grows
The personal loan market reached an all-time high last year, as the emerging financial technology (fintech) industry has made mobile financial services more convenient and available to consumers.

Miley Cyrus’s Personal Memo to the World
I try to be true to myself in every state of being. When I can, I will stand still, work through, sit in, observe, and get to know exactly “who that is” privately. My creative process comes from feeli...

High Schools Fail at Teaching Personal Finance, Millennials Say
High schools don't teach algebra and geometry because they believe most students will end up in math-driven fields. Rather, those subjects are on the curriculum because they give teenagers different w...

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